Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Defend the rights of all those who have nothing. –Proverbs 31:8 (ICB)

Have you ever loved something so much that it’s as if a gravitational pull is bringing you closer? One where every sign directs to that place where you’re meant to be?


It’s a force that’s difficult to explain, and it may be one where others look at you a bit cross-eyed if you were to try to share the sheer determination you have to get there.


Our place is helping dogs. Quite specifically, our place is to help the underdogs. The forgotten. Those cast aside. The voiceless.


And while we don’t know quite what it will look like when we arrive, we’ve decided to begin the journey by adopting, sharing, donating, raising funds for rescues, and writing to help give voice to the innocent and help the humans who love them.


This journey is the manifestation of all of those things, and we also hope it’s a place where others will laugh, cry, share, learn, and get inspired to help the underdogs, too.

Did You Know?

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You’re just like us.


I’m Lora, and this is my husband, Jake, and it’s nice to meet you virtually!


We set our hearts on helping dogs when we witnessed what a difference rescue made in our own lives (you can meet all the dogs we’ve loved here). 


After studying and evaluating where we could magnify our impact, we decided that our family’s calling would be a specific segment of rescue–a role that advocates for the health and wellness of dogs, provides financial and emotional support for rescuers, fosters, and rescues, and empowers and educates dog owners to reduce owner surrenders.


We live in Saraland, AL, and we affectionately call our homestead “The Dog Farm.” It’s a place where all dogs come to play and be loved. We’re passionate about creating a sustainable lifestyle, and we love to grow our own food and veggies (follow our adventures on @fromthedogfarm social handles). Our “day job” includes owning and operating Agent Operations, a marketing and advertising firm that assists real estate agents and brokerages. But, when we talk about true love, it’s our love for dogs.


You’re just like us. You want to make a tangible difference in the lives of dogs, rescuers, and dog owners.


Join us–together, we can make a difference.


#DogsWhoAreLoved #HoomansWhoLoveDogs

We affectionately call our home “The Dog Farm,” where dogs are loved and play through the day. We’re also passionate about creating a self-sustaining lifestyle by growing our own food and making the world a better place, one day at a time. Join our adventures, and see what life is like on The Dog Farm:

We believe in the power of prayer. Know of a dog, individual, or rescue organization who needs prayers? Feel free to share your prayer request below, and we will join you in prayer.