Fundraiser for Cleo: Hit by a Car, Then Locked in a Shipping Container

Sweet Cleo was hit by a car and left for dead in a closed shipping container with her siblings.
Read her full story below:

The Story of Cleo

Discovered with her siblings in a locked shipping container with no ventilation in freezing weather, Cleo and her brothers and sisters were covered in feces, starving, stressed, and mangled with fleas. Their overly round bellies conveyed the tell-tale sign of intestinal parasites. The good news is…Cleo and her siblings were rescued by Throw Away Rescue Alabama, and they are safe now.

While her health was being formally evaluated, it became evident that Cleo was suffering from a serious leg injury (likely a broken leg or hip), and it’s believed she was hit by a car before she was locked in the shipping container. It’s been a rough ride for Cleo and her brothers and sisters.

On Monday, we’ll be bringing her to Magnolia Animal Clinic for x-rays and to determine if surgery is necessary to repair the damage. We strongly believe that surgery will be necessary, and the cost for that alone is estimated at $700.

This is in addition to what has already been spent to vet these sweet babies, including vaccinations, dewormers, and flea treatment. We will update this post, and we will share social media updates as we learn more about her condition and treatment plan moving forward.

Please help us show love to Cleo and her siblings with a donation of ANY amount (every little bit helps!). Or, if you’d like to sponsor all of Cleo’s veterinary care, reach out to us at hello@lovesdogsorg. 

We’ve set our fundraising target at $700. Once Cleo is treated, any additional donations will go to cover the costs of nursing her brothers and sister back to health.

Cleo could really use your help. Together, we can make a difference to increase the number of #DogsWhoAreLoved. Thank you so much for your support.

Cleo Update

X-rays confirmed what we suspected–her hip was completely shattered (YEOUCH!). However, because the injury wasn’t treated by her previous owner initially, the vet determined that surgery to repair the damage would be too much of a risk and could actually be detrimental to her progress and quality of life in the long-term. He recommended a treatment plan of Carprofen and a glucose supplement for the rest of her life. We are SO appreciative of the funds you generously gave, and they will be used to pay for Cleo’s appointment, x-rays, and vetting, along with much-needed food for Throw Away Rescue Alabama’s growing population of saved dogs. 
To our Loves Dogs Village, we couldn’t do this without you, and we are forever grateful for ALL of you! ❤️