valentine's day dangers for dogs poisonous to dogs keep away from dogs

We wish you many happy memories with your favorite four-legged, furry family members! Be sure to keep these Valentine’s Day dangers for dogs away from your Valentines–>

  1. Chocolate may be sweet, but it is toxic to dogs–never give it to your Pup Valentine.
  2. Sugar-free gum contains Xylitol, and it is deadly to pets. Always keep it out of reach.
  3. Keep all types of alcohol away from pets, and clean up spills right away. Even a small amount can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and labored breathing. In larger quantities, it can be lethal.
  4. Keep the bouquet away–whether you’re giving or receiving, make sure it’s a pet-safe arrangement. Lilies are toxic to cats, and while roses aren’t poisonous, the thorns can cause injury and infection.

It’s so important to remember that “normal” items to us can be poisonous to your pets. Wishing you many, many happy memories with your furry loved ones.